Why Choose Django A Short Insight

Why Choose Django: A Short Insight

You already know how useful Django can prove to be for any web app development campaign. It stands out amongst the numerous smart solutions for web applications and is a constant contender for the best programming solution available worldwide.

But rather than telling you why it is so effective, we will just take a look at some famous websites that are built through Django, so that you can figure out the rest yourselves. Here’s the list:


Created way back in 2007, Disqus still remains one of the top projects built upon Django. Disqus users can easily initiate comments and discussions on their website, customize ad serving, and analyze audience activity through Disqus. Django made the website quickly rise to fame while scaling it for new users from all around the world.


Instagram needs no introduction to modern audiences. Almost everyone you know would be on instagram, as it is one of the most famous social media platforms where people can chat, upload photos, videos, and video call each other. Instagram platform is built on Python+Django, which allows it to handle enormous data and user interactions. Django ensures that the experts can be at ease while focusing on the UI and UX.


Spotify emerged with some similar apps which changed the way people listen to music through their smartphones. Through Spotify, you can download songs, share them, and access the same songs through multiple devices. This makes it a beloved app across the world, providing you music from various artists from all over the world. Django was preferred by the makers for a fast backend and machine learning purposes.


First built with PHP, YouTube switched to Django once it started gaining users worldwide. Django also helped to implement new features and handle the enormous amounts of data as well. Thanks to this switch, YouTube continues to expand its ever growing audience even now!

So, there’s no doubting the potential Django has to offer and the reliability of the top performing tool.