An Insight Into Top React Native Databases

An Insight Into Top React Native Databases

Once you step into the vast world of development, you will have to constantly search for new methods for becoming more cost-effective and redundant. Although using React Native for app development in itself is a cost-effective method, we advise you not to stop there.

To enhance your development projects further without spending much, you should opt for the best available databases and kick start your 2021 right away. Here are a few you can choose from:


An open-source and object-oriented database, Realm takes your development campaigns to an entirely new level through its sheer speed which is at least ten times more than that of a relational database. Whether you require support for offline or real-time apps with complicated data types, you can rely on Realm for both.


A Google-owned database with NoSQL, Firebase is an important tool that you must have in your toolbox. You should definitely opt for Firebase if you are creating an app which asks for constant offline data synchronization and updating. Firebase equips you with ease of management when it comes to react native apps, even those with high data requirements. The performance tracking tools are efficient at spotting and eliminating errors in your app.


Since its arrival, which was for the sole purpose of enhancing mobile app solutions by providing capacity of creating local storage databases, SQLite has become a complete toolset for developers. The most important feature of SQLite is the lightweight database which it provides. This feature turns out to be efficient because it requires a minimal setup, saving a lot of time. Moreover, it also aids you in making data management more efficient.

Even though our top three consist of SQLite, Firebase, and Realm, some other noteworthy mentions that you can also rely on include the likes of PouchDB and Async Storage.