Understanding the importance of a landing page

Understanding the Importance of a Landing Page

Understanding the Importance of a Landing Page

Landing Pages are a vital cog in every business, especially on the numerous online platforms. It can boost your customer conversion rate as well as promote your apps in a much better way.

Why Build a Landing Page?
Let’s go through an example for this. Suppose, you have spent enormous time on creating an amazing app for your business after pinning down the interested audience, starting a promotional campaign, and yet, the interested users turn away from your app.
It will turn out to be nothing but a waste of valuable resources as well as your time. Moreover, you won’t be getting any profit out of the apps.

The answer to why so many worthy apps go unnoticed is quite simple: A Landing Page. It is highly unlikely that a user will check your app without having any prior knowledge about its features. Thus, it is important that you send the interested users towards your landing page first, before asking them to use the app.

What Does a Landing Page Do?
Quite simply, a landing page helps you to briefly explain your app idea to the customers, giving them an insight into why they must use the app.

Validation: Landing Pages are also useful when you need to see your audience’s response towards your idea, prior to app development. You can then use the analytics to further determine whether your app would be a success or not. If people are providing you with their emails, it means there are positive signs.

Advertising: When you take a look at the app descriptions in app stores, you would know that it isn’t the perfect place for describing an App. With a proper landing page, you get access to unlimited space for advertising and marketing, which you can use accordingly.