Custom application development vs low code application development

Custom App Development vs Low Code Development What to Choose

Custom App Development vs Low Code Development: What to Choose

Mobile app development is a widespread sector benefiting a number of businesses all around the world through expanding their reach to the customers by the means of effective and attractive apps built by the best . When it comes to developing an app for the first time, investors and beginners often get confused between custom app development and low code development.

To put an end to this confusion, we will take a deep insight into both the aspects to help you decide what’s best for you.

Custom App Development

The process required to come up with the solution for the specific requirements of your unique needs is called custom app development. When we talk about custom app development, we are actually talking about the use of standard software for the building of an app with features that you want the users to use. If you too want to develop a unique software to provide easy solutions to the public through your app, you need to choose custom app development.

Advantages of Custom App Development

Custom app development allows a wide extent of compatibility, equipping users to easily transfer data from one app to another without any hassle. Finding a good agency that provides adept can help you achieve greater compatibility.

Security Enhancement
With enhanced tools and commendable , you get to improve your security around the app, making it safe from cybercriminals, and gaining trust from your clients.

When you hire a quality , you get an accurate solution for all your problems as the developers can provide you with exact features that you are looking for.

Low Code Development

When developers create a drag-and-drop visual interface for an app using a specialised set of tools, we can label it under low code development. This drag and drop visual interface usually consists of user interface, integrations, logic, data management. The basic features to look for in a low code platform are application lifecycle management and visual integration development environment.

Advantages of Low Code Development

Apps made by a or any other agency through low code development are easy to change once completed, giving you extra benefits as you can always gather feedback and then change your app’s features accordingly.


If you are low on budget, you can without any doubt choose low code development as it is quite affordable and equips you with all the necessary features you require for your app. To get the maximum benefits of low code development, you should start looking for the perfect agency which offers the best for your company.