Swift vs Python An Insight into 2021

Swift vs Python: An Insight into 2021

With constant new features around the year, we notice a constant change in all programming languages and see a tussle amongst them for becoming the best programming tool available around the world.

Top Contenders for Programming

Recently, we all know that Python has remained dominant as the most preferred programming language due to the distinctive benefits it provides. The question is, will there be any more challenges to Python, or will it enjoy a healthy period on the top?

The answer is a little complicated. Even if Python continues to have a decent run at the top, it might not be the only one sitting there, as we also notice a steady rise of another programming language, making it the second most preferred language right now; Swift.

Swift vs Python: A Comparison

Even though there are no perfect parameters to judge both the languages against one another, several factors come into play when one has to choose between both the languages. These factors include the purpose of a specific product, the targeted audience, preferred market, features to be included, and the budget of your project. Now let’s take a look what both of them have to offer the developers:


Ease: The user-friendliness of Python is what can be considered responsible for its worldwide success. Beginners can get straight into it with some basic knowledge as well.
Open-Source: It has formed a strong community due to its Open-Source nature. You can download it and tamper with the source code.
Portable: Supporting a plethora of platforms, Python is adaptable at its best.


Safe: Safety is of the utmost importance in the development world, exactly what Swift provides.
Memory Management: This feature saves a lot of time for the developers as they don’t have to manually manage the applications’ memory usage.
Interoperable: Users can also write programs with Swift thanks to RTL.