Essential Features for Your Employment Productivity Monitoring Software

Essential Features for Your Employment Productivity Monitoring Software

With lockdown becoming a common practice amidst the pandemic hovering all over the world, most IT employees now prefer to work from home for both safety and comfort. Even though work from home is the most convenient way to keep things moving, it has its own sets of drawbacks that need to be addressed.

Why is Employment Productivity Monitoring Important?

Despite your company profiting from reduced office lease and utility cost, the possibility of reduced employee productivity can be fatal for any business. Thus, monitoring your employees’ productivity matters a lot. You can keep all the employees motivated even if they are working from home by an app made through .

Employment Productivity Monitoring Software: Important Features

To get the optimum benefits of productivity monitoring for your business, there are some must-have features that you absolutely need to include in your monitoring software which you can get built by . These beneficial features can be powered by AI as well, making sure you rely on lesser human resources for the task. Let us take a look at these features:

Time Management
Including time management in your productivity tracking software goes without saying. Your software should be more than able to tell when an employee logs in and out of work each day. Even if there are employees responsible for offline work or attending calls, you can instruct them to manually log-in and utilise the software. Hiring the best can help you get the exact software your company requires.

User Behaviour Monitoring
Features such as collecting the number of conversations, emails, meeting, records, and other valuable insight material is extremely helpful in tracking the performance of an employee. An adept can provide you with a software which is able to count in the negative factors impacting the performance of your employees such as the time spent on social media and surfing the internet for personal reasons.

Project and Task Management
Your software should be capable of providing insights into ongoing projects and tasks, giving you day-to-day progress reports of all your employees working on the project. The status and deadlines should also help your employees to work effectively and on-time.

Analytics and Reporting
A modern performance tracking software built by a company with the should not only be able to collect valuable metrics, but should also have the right tools for analysing these reports to evaluate employees on its own. This feature can make the task of managers a lot easier.