Optimizing for Branded Keywords A Complete Guide

Optimizing for Branded Keywords: A Complete Guide

You might already know about the multiple benefits of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is crucial for building your online reputation as it aids your business by making it rank higher in the online search engine result pages. But what is the importance of branded keywords? Is it worth investing resources in optimizing for branded keywords? Let’s find out!

The Importance of Branded Keywords

The definition of a branded keyword is quite simple. It is about a brand name, for which you will be shown on the result pages if you have a decent rank for the specific branded keyword.
A simple Google search can tell you how much competition there is for all sorts of branded keywords. As for its importance, you just have to look at the website of the top 5 results. Websites with branded keywords generate more revenues than other websites.

How to Optimize for Branded Keywords

Here are some of the best methods which can help you to rank for branded keywords:

Site Links: How many links pop up when you Google your company’s name? The answer to this question should be at least five. If site links are fewer than five, you need to work on site links.

My Business Page: Google offers businesses to get registered on Google My Business Page, which adds to your authenticity and reliability on the online platforms. The procedure is quite simple and you can establish your business in no time!

Reviews: Having Positive Reviews are a must for branded keywords. Google My Business and even a normal search result showcases these reviews, telling the audience about your awesome work and credibility through your various clients.