Google Cloud Hosting The Ultimate Choice

Google Cloud Hosting: The Ultimate Choice

Not many tools can nowadays boast of being both time-savory and cost-efficient at the same time. Such is not exactly the case with Google Cloud Platform, which offers both these advantages to all the users. Google Cloud Hosting, which is the primary matter we will be discussing in this blog, is one of the many services provided by the huge Google Cloud Platform. So, without further ado, let’s quickly take a look at why it is so important to integrate Google Cloud Computing into your online business.

Minute-level increments offered by Google Hosting provide you value for money service as you only get charged according to your compute time. In addition to this, they also offer special discounts for long-running workloads, keeping the effective tool cost-redundant. Moreover, compare this with major competitors such as AWS and Azure, and you will see that it is the cheapest model available.

Google’s worldwide network is what really sets it apart from all the others as it remains one of the biggest networks in the world. The Private Network, distributed all over the world through the FASTER cable system, assures access up to 10Tbps of speed. This cable system is expected to evolve further as Google continues to invest in fiber-optic cables under the ocean.

Virtual Machine Migration
Another major aspect of the Google Cloud Hosting which makes it so popular is the live migration of virtual machines. This remains a unique functionality of Google which no other company such as AWS or Azure can provide. What makes this functionality so beneficial is the fact that whether it is patching, repairing, or updating software and hardware, all can be done without having to worry about any machine reboots.

Enhanced Performance
Well, right now where the company is, the performances surely speak for themselves but yet, it remains a feature we had to highlight. Once you migrate to Google Cloud Platform, the migration time significantly decreases, leaving your sites and pages with a competitive edge over others. Load time can be the crucial factor when it comes to concluding a business as the clients, specially in the modern world, have a lot of choices to select from in this huge online world and don’t like when they have to wait due to the load time.

Conclusion: The above factors, when compiled with top-notch security, never-ending expansion, and redundant backups, make Google Cloud Hosting a must-have tool for every online business, and, if you haven’t already migrated to it, you should invest in the technology as soon as possible!