Debunking Common Web Development Myths

Debunking Common Web Development Myths

Misleading myths can lead to devastating results for you when it comes to website development. To ensure a successful campaign and to secure a well-working website or app for your online business, you need to avoid these myths at all costs.

#Myth 1: Website Creation is easy and anyone can do it.

Reality: You should hire experienced developers to build your website. Avoid misleading websites which motivate people to go DIY, because it can lead to a potential disaster for your business, especially in the long run.

Of course you can go through numerous forums, manuals, and study to build your own website. The only difference would be its competitiveness and ability to function in optimum condition.

#Myth 2: Website Development is a one-time investment

Reality: One-time investment in web development is not going to take you anywhere with the competition we now have. Developers all around the world are dedicatedly working each day to improve websites, introduce new functions, and keep the website error free. Moreover, your audience also requires new updates to keep themselves engaged on the website.

#Myth 3: SEO is Optional

Reality: If you are aiming for the top of the online business world, SEO is a must. Whether it is Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, or any other search engine, without a good SEO campaign, you wouldn’t be seeing your website on the top of result pages. Without a good ranking on the SERPs, capitalising on your business would be difficult.

#Myth 4: More Features means More Clients

Reality: Your website should always follow the fundamentals; ‘Less is More’. The problem with more features and animations is that clients can get distracted while doing business through the site. They demand a simplistic portal for easy check out. More features also impact the speed of your website, making it slower to load.