An Insight for Generating Good Reviews

An Insight for Generating Good Reviews

Whether you are looking forward to launching an eCommerce app, healthcare app, or a gaming app, reviews can boost your app’s credibility and make it more famous. Moreover, many users check such reviews before they are about to install a new app, making reviews extremely valuable for promoting your apps.
Due to this utmost importance, we will take a look at some tips that can be influential for generating good reviews.

Encouraging Customers to Write Reviews

Even though you might feel nervous doing this, do not worry about the few bad reviews you will certainly be getting, and start thinking about the benefits that so many positive reviews are going to give to your business. To encourage customers to write reviews about your app, you can include pop ups for reviews in your app and take them directly to the review section with a single click.

Feedback Evaluation

Be active in the review section and constantly respond to your customers through replying to their reviews. You can leave a nice thank you note for a positive review, solve queries, and even offer an insight into the upcoming updates that will make the app better to use.

Product Review Request

It is not necessary that every customer will leave a review after purchasing a product. You should send them a friendly reminder to do so as it can be of a great help to others who want to buy the same product.