Key Advantages of Using Microsoft Azure

Key Advantages of Using Microsoft Azure

On the internet, you can find an array of advice ready to confuse you in deciding which cloud platform will work the best for you, complicating things rather than solving your problems. When in doubt, you should always look for a cloud platform which promises the best features all around and has comparatively lesser drawbacks.

Microsoft Azure: A Top-Notch Cloud Platform

Speaking of cloud platforms with a brilliant overall performance and minimum drawbacks, Microsoft Azure is one of the names that comes instantly to the spotlight. It offers numerous unique benefits and solutions to solve all your cloud problems. If you are looking to migrate to the cloud platform, you can easily rely on Microsoft Azure.

Key Advantages of Using Microsoft Azure

Better Alternative to On-Premise

With Microsoft Azure by your side, you won’t have to rely on a dedicated IT staff along with a data center for your IT environment. The Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) promises low latencies and faster transfer of data, making it convenient for your business. You can avoid the high maintenance costs and risks associated with hardware failures by switching to Azure.

Enhanced Performance than IaaS-only Cloud Platforms

IaaS-only cloud vendors would look like the better choice if your requirements are only computing and storage resources related. However, with the plethora of PaaS benefits which come along with Microsoft Azure, you should give it a second thought. With Azure, you get additional features such as building, deploying, testing, managing, and updating your cloud apps, making it a superior choice.

Azure vs AWS

Even though both the cloud platforms are exceptional, Azure edges out AWS when it comes to daily performance. Firstly, its per-minute-pricing is favourable for all companies as compared to AWS’ hourly pricing model. Secondly, you get to unlock a plethora of free services with Azure that include Azure Kubernetes Service, Security Center, Machine Learning Server, and many more!

When we are looking for a good cloud platform, Microsoft Azure emerges as the best option thanks to plenty of benefits, cost-effectiveness, and the hybrid cloud support.