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JavaScript Machine Learning Libraries An Insight

JavaScript Machine Learning Libraries: An Insight

Machine Learning libraries continue to grow at an astonishing rate and there’s no stopping them. With Python emerging as a language preferred for machine learning early on, nowadays things have changed a lot. New neural networks allow us to use other languages which also include JavaScript!

Why Choose JavaScript Machine Learning?

Even though JavaScript and Node.js still lack behind Python and Java, they are well-equipped to handle numerous machine learning problems. Moreover, web languages hold the advantage of greater accessibility as compared to other languages. The only requirement for initiating a JavaScript ML project is that of a web browser! The JavaScript Machine Learning libraries are also growing slowly and steadily, most of them ready for use.

JavaScript Machine Learning Examples


Creating neural networks and training them on the basis of input/output data becomes a hassle free process with Brain library. Users prefer running this library in a Node.js environment due to the amount of resources required for training. If you need to load this library directly into a web page, you can use a CDN browser version.

Deep Playground

Deep Playground is good for exploring different components and experimenting with neural networks. Whether it is controlling the input data, number of neurons, selecting an algorithm, or other metrics, Deep Playground’s UI makes the entire procedure easy for users. Written in TypeScript, the custom machine learning library used by Deep Playground is well documented, which allows you to learn a lot from it.


Around 800 lines of unminified code, Neuroevolution AI technique, and a lot of innovation provides you with the JavaScript project named FlappyLearning. What it does is quite simple. It can be called a fun demo, as the machine learns to play a game called Flappy Bird. The dynamic learning comes from the success and failure of each attempt.


Synaptic is a powerful tool equipping developers with the ability to build any neural network they prefer. Thanks to its built-in architectures, users get to test and compare several algorithms for machine learning. If you are an aspirant wanting to learn more about machine learning, Synaptic is just the right tool for you. It provides numerous helpful demos, some beneficent tutorials, and a simplistic introduction to neural networks.