iOS Scanner Apps You Must Use

iOS Scanner Apps You Must Use

Having a scanning app in your iPhone is a must because whether it is carrying some important business documents or business cards, these apps can always come handy. Moreover, scanning apps help us to get the best out of our iPhones, making them a multi-utility device we can use.

Rather than carrying important cards, documents, and other files can be risky because once lost, it is difficult to recover them. With a scanned duplicate file stored in your phone, you can travel hassle-free wherever you want to without having to worry all the time. Let’s take a look at some apps you definitely need to try:

Scanner Pro by Readdle
With powerful tools such as automatic border detection and shadow removal, Scanner Pro helps you store documents, tickets, receipts and more in your iPhones. You can store these files in both PDF and JPEG formats.

Scanner for Me: Scan Documents
Scanner for Me is a powerful app enabling you to quickly scan and print any document, paper notes, mind maps, graphic material and business cards without any hassle. It is the best app to use for scanning some texts that don’t have any digital copies.

If you are in search of a smart business card reader, you need to quit searching and instantly install ScanBizCards. All you need to do is scan a card with this app. The app automatically extracts the printed information into various segments. It eliminates the need to manually input any data as it is backed up by the powerful OCR engine.

ScanPro App
ScanPro is a multi-utility app enabling you to scan not only documents, business cards, and written files, but also barcodes and QR codes. The easy to use app can also be customized by the users and has a lot of themes that you can try.