Internal Communication App What to Include

Internal Communication App: What to Include?

Have you finally decided to have an app for your company’s internal communication? Great! As it is a fun and casual way which can also help you to track and check the progress of various projects, integrating an Internal Communication App into your company culture is a well appreciated measure. Get your app built now with the most right now!

Features for Your Internal Communication App

We have all used Facebook, Whatsapp, GMail, and various other networking apps for several purposes. Thus, thinking about creating your own internal communication app can be a mess initially. The first step would be to find an adept company which offers the , so that you get a functional and robust app.

As there are so many choices to make, such as making it formal and precise, or mixing it up with some cool looks and emojis for the employees, there are almost unlimited probabilities, and the outcome still remains unknown. Thus, we have created some pointers around which you can build your app, making it fun and informative all along!

Company News and Announcement

Don’t restrict your apps to just employee communication and convey all important news and announcements through the app, giving it an air of importance. The app will also act as an insight into your company through this inclusion.


Fitting an employee directory into your internal communication app is also important as it facilitates ease of communication for all. Vital information such as the phone number, e-mail address, and office location of the various employees can be included.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are great in every way! They have a better transferability rate, are much more practical if your company has on-field employees, and have an increased percentage of opening rate when compared with e-mails. Time-sensitive announcements and push notifications are amazing combos offered by the best providers.

HR Self-Service

Reduce the burden from your employees and HR department with in-app self-service. Employees would love this feature as otherwise they are forced to call, email, or visit the HR office for almost every information.

Polling and Feedback

Official feedback forms are quite boring and old-fashioned. In-app polling and feedback ensures you get a precise and quick response from your employees as it is way more convenient for everyone. Choosing the top-notch will help you include all the important features in your internal communication app and you can avail the best economical prices as well!