Increasing Your Website Traffic Top Mistakes to Avoid

Increasing Your Website Traffic: Top Mistakes to Avoid

A decrease in website traffic is the worst thing that could happen to your online business website. It is a bad sign as your revenues can take a hit, and your competitors may be pulling potential customers away from you. The good news is you can always make a comeback through learning from your mistakes.

Here are some of the most fatal mistakes you need to avoid at all cost.

Applying SEO on Irrelevant Keywords
Once you establish your business, you need to find the right keywords related to your niche for search engine optimization. These keywords are vital as they can boost your ranking on search engine result pages.

Keyword research shouldn’t be ignored as it is quite difficult to capitalise on general keywords. You need to find specific keywords that could be profitable for your business.

Faulty Links
Faulty links are amongst the hidden elements that do more damage to your website ranking than you think. All the links in your website should be functional, and whenever you redirect a page, you need to change the links associated with it as well. Faulty links have a direct impact on the inbound traffic rate.

Nothing can damage your website’s online reputation more than a Google penalty. Even one heavy penalty can turn out to be the downfall for your business. You need to be beware of such penalties as there are several things which can lead to a penalty.

These include uploading duplicate content on your website, having suspicious links, failing to adhere to Google guidelines, and more. If you notice a heavy fall in the inbound traffic to your website, there could be a change that you have received a penalty from Google.

We live in a world where everyone, whether it is a customer or seller, likes speedy procedures. If your website is slow to load, your customers would probably start searching for an alternative website with similar services. You should ensure your site has a speedy loading so that you can keep your customers loyal and satisfied.