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Google Pay App Redesigned What You Need to Know

Google Pay App Redesigned: What You Need to Know

Google Pay App is one of the most easy to use apps which enables you to do money transactions online. This includes paying electricity bills, ticket booking, and bank transfers as well. It is a utility app that almost everyone has in his/her phone.

The newly designed version has made the app more efficient as it allows you to do a lot more than just sending and receiving money. The developers have added a number of new features that help you to keep track of your personal finances.
You can now easily check the previous transactions with the people and businesses you frequently interact with through the payment section in the app. The redesigned app also keeps you informed about the latest rewards and offers without any hassle.
Other than sending and receiving money, you can also have a conversation with the sender or receiver. This helps in reducing errors in transactions then and there.

The newly made features provide special services such as linking electricity board accounts, gas accounts, and broadband accounts for easier monthly transactions. Ordering food and payment for parking is also possible now with Google Pay app.

In the offers section of the app, you can now see offers from some famous stores around your area. Moreover, you can redeem these special offers by shopping and making a purchase through paying from the app itself.

When a user links his/her bank account to the app, they can get crucial insights and summaries of their spendings done through the app. The app is more secure, protecting users from ad tracking and the use of your financial history by others.

Not stopping at all these special features, Google Pay is also currently working on a distinctive feature which would help you to benefit from special Plex accounts, offering you to check and save several banking accounts without any monthly fees, minimum balances, or overdraft charges.