Features You Must Include in Your E-Wallet Mobile Apps

Features You Must Include in Your E-Wallet Mobile Apps

E-wallet apps are one of the most useful apps for users everywhere in the world as it enables them to have access to money without the need of carrying cash in their pocket. Moreover, it equips their mobile to become a multitasking device, acting as a virtual wallet as well. Since such E-wallet apps are in high demand, you must be looking forward to launching one of your own apps soon with the help of the best .
Before you indulge in creating and launching an E-wallet app, you must have the knowledge about what makes such apps sell, and thus, we bring you the top-notch features you definitely need to include in the project for your E-wallet apps.

User Registration: The very first step for your customers is the user registration, where they need to get themselves registered either through emails or phone numbers. An OTP or calling option also needs to be included, ensuring the user is credible and a first-time user.

Bank Accounts Linking: Next, you need to make your app’s users link their bank accounts with your app to make payments and for other transactions. The general details asked for linking bank accounts include the card number, CVV, expiry date, and name on the card. For maximising payment integration security and safety, you should seek the best in Delhi/NCR.

Adding Money: This features help users to avail another option of adding money to their wallet, equipping them with money for which they don’t need to access their banks. It is then the user’s choice to use the wallet or pay directly from the bank when needed.

MPassBook: Thanks to the Mpassbook feature, now users can easily check previous transactions and keep track of the flow of their money without any hassle. This helps in reducing errors related to transactions, cashbacks, and other issues.

Sending and Receiving Funds: The crux of any e-wallet app, sending and receiving funds through various means such as bank account details, QR codes, or mobile numbers is the selling point of this app. Your app, built by the top , will be more famous if you implement the latest technology for sending and receiving procedures, making them time-savory and error-free.

Promotional Offers: As the competition amongst e-wallet apps continues to increase, ‘promotional offers’ is a must include feature where you can offer users certain discounts and cashbacks on specific deals. This can attract the users towards your app and give you a competitive edge over your rivals.

To ensure you create a futuristic, appealing, and valuable e-wallet mobile app, you must start searching for the right soon!