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Features Which Make Angular Web Development Efficient

Features Which Make Angular Web Development Efficient

Choosing the best web development tools can help boost your plans and increase your chances of success. When it comes to the right tools, Angular is surely among the top-contenders in app development tools that you can use for your campaign. Let us look into some of the top features of Angular straight away:

Modular Structure

The unique modular structure is one of the main reasons behind the extreme success of Angular.JS. This modular structure is responsible for organising various application codes in separate buckets, also known as modules. This organized structure keeps everything arranged for use, saving a lot of time and improving efficiency. Modular structure is also responsible for lazy loading in web applications, helping the users to access the features on time.

Component-based Architecture

The component based architecture turns the Angular.Js into a super web development tool which offers ease of development. The user interface of the application gets divided into independent logical components by the Angular framework. The strict hierarchy followed by the organized components are favourable for a successful web development campaign.

Angular CLI

Angular’s introduction of CLI has proved to be a booster as it gives Angular certain benefits over rival competitors. The CLI (Command Line Interface) aids through making features such as configuration and app initialisation automatic. Automation not only increases the overall code quality, but also makes the entire process hassle-free. CLI allows users to create new projects and add or delete functionalities with ease, using short and simple commands.

Dependency Injection

With dependency injection, you no longer need to reconfigure components when altering an already created dependency injectors’ tree. The dependency injection also defines better relations between the various elements, so that you can easily tamper with elements without worrying about the results on others. Overall, it is a boon for all the developers around the world.