Cloud Enterprise Development Top Languages to Choose

Cloud Enterprise Development: Top Languages to Choose

All languages have their own sets of benefits and these would also be reflected in the cloud-powered application one makes with a language. All languages are individualistic as they have separate capabilities, structure, vendors, and community support. So, before you go on to make a cloud-based application, you should choose a suitable language after setting up a set of preferences. As a prominent , we take you through the best languages available for cloud enterprise development.


Delivered and maintained by Microsoft, .NET emerges as one of the top-notch programming languages when it comes to cloud enterprise development. As of now, most of the parts of .NET development platform have become open-source and cross-platform. Around the world, .NET has gained quite a vivid popularity due to its exceptional performance and optimized computer power usage. Counting the native support which comes through the Azure Cloud as well, .NET turns into a quite suitable development platform for all-around development.
Moreover, it has a high-profile client list which includes tech giants such as Office 365, Microsoft Visual Studio, Exchange, and more!


For some people, Java still remains the top-contender when it comes to cloud powered application development. The main reason behind its reputation is the security, stability, and portability it brings to the table. The performance and execution speed developers get using Java is also top-notch and remains more or less unrivaled. Users can also benefit from the various useful frameworks which enable microservices, reactive programming, and more.

Thanks to all these functionalities, Java has also made features like serverless architecture a reality too soon. Just like .NET, Java can also boast of high-profile clientele as it is used for famous cloud applications such as Gmail, Confluence, and Hadoop platform.


Python has its own sets of benefits which have thrown Python into the stairs of success. It can be considered the most efficient language if we are solely talking about manipulating and processing large data sets, even though it has other powerful features as well. It is a recommendable language if your project revolves around machine learning, neural networks, or streaming analytics systems.
In addition to all this, Python also has better support from all the major cloud providers, giving it a competitive edge over others. Netflix, Pinterest, Spotify, Instagram, Reddit, and a number of other famous modern day applications are built using Python.

Node.js runs on Google JS engine, giving it enhanced speed and scalability. Probably one of the easiest programming languages to get started with, Node.js continues to improve its reputation all over the world. It is best used for end-to-end application development which allows users to handle numerous connections through a non-blocking and asynchronous communication pattern. If you are looking for a highly scalable and effective tool for fast and reflective app development, Node.js would be the right choice. You can see Node.js being used by companies such as Uber, Trello, NASA, PayPal, etc.


The sole purpose behind the creation of Golang was to leverage multi core processes and offer easy distributed cloud computing to all the developers. With special features such as concurrency and parallelism management, Golang is a top contender for server development. Its advanced tools come handy for server development and that is why Golang is actively supported by a majority of cloud providers, encouraging its further development. Additionally, Golang also provides Gobot, a powerful framework for robots, IoT development, and drones. Some Golang powered cloud applications include Twitch and Dailymotion.

Which Platform to Choose?

Based on your individualistic needs and the architecture, application size, and other specifications, you need to find the best fit among these five languages. As a , we can help you with all your software development goals with affordable solutions.