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Best DevOps Tools You Must Use

Best DevOps Tools You Must Use

As we start, let us take a quick look at what DevOps exactly is. In contradiction to popular belief, DevOps is not a specific software or tool. DevOps stands for a completely new culture that you can inculcate into your organizational structure to produce maximum output like never before!

DevOps, even though it is truly a never-ending process, offers room for continuous improvement for all web development companies around the world. It is also seen by many as one of the best ways to bring together your developer team and operations team to work without any hassle!

Which DevOps Tools to Use

It is quite hard to pick up a set of tools and label them as the best options for everyone, as there are certain parameters which help in determining which tool would be the best for you. Hence, the list consists of tools that provide a better overall performance, making them a worthy choice for a well-rounded development.

No matter where you search for a source code management tool, chances are, you won’t find a better option than Git. Accustomed to the software industry, Git offers unparalleled user-friendly environment and usability. If you are just a beginner, getting familiar with Git should be definitely on your checklist as it can help you towards a successful career.

Ansible is an open-source tool which can even be used to an extent by non-programmers! Ansible is really helpful when it comes to automating a client’s project in the absence of a distinct management structure. Managing cloud platforms, virtualized hosts, and network devices is not a problem with Ansible.

Docker is the best tool right now for containerization, which contributes to making the project code easy-to-use and efficient, regardless of the environment. Safe application packaging is one of the many useful features of Docker. This tool also contributes towards increasing the productivity and speed of your application.

If you are concerned about the software security of any of your projects, you should definitely use Splunk. It can assist users in creating highly secured systems with features such as device quarantine, file detonation systems, etc. Moreover, it also provides robust visualization and search analysis features.