Apps To Check Before Creating A Food Delivery Startup

Apps To Check Before Creating A Food Delivery Startup

If you have a unique idea and can add a new dimension to the ongoing narrative of the food delivery industry, you are very welcome to try. Before you setup your own food delivery startup, there are multiple tasks and objectives you need to handle, and the first task on top of that list must be checking other food delivery apps.

Having an insight can help you understand the basic functionalities that need to be included, and also tells you about how to keep your own delivery system and apps unique by not adopting the same interface as other famous apps. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the well-established food delivery apps:

Zomato- Established in 2008, Zomato has transformed into a huge company which offers services all across the globe in countries such as the USA, India, Australia, and more. It works on the simple mechanism of providing food menus of the best restaurants to users everywhere, helping both users and restaurants to fulfil their desires. Moreover, Zomato has also begun inculcating social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter for services to users.

Swiggy- With a huge 40000+ restaurants link-up, this Bengaluru based online food delivering platform is another giant in the industry that continues it’s upwards journey. Established in 2014, Swiggy continues to cover all major cities of India with proficiency. It enables the users to choose restaurants according to different locations and also check reviews and ratings before ordering, making the app really appreciated all over the country.

Domino’s Pizza- Who can skip Domino’s when one is talking about food delivery giants. I mean we all have at least once spent the weekend enjoying a crunchy pizza watching sports, all thanks to Domino’s Pizza delivery. The unique selling point of Domino’s is its guarantee of a 30 minute delivery, no matter where you order from. It provides the users with a sense of assurity and helps them plan their routine better, without worrying about when the pizza is going to be delivered.

Just Eat- Established way back in 2001, Just Eat is one of the eldest members of the food delivery app family. Just Eat provides an easy filter to help you sort out your food choices and allows you to pay through various options, both online and offline. Since its start, the app has around 11 million active users and choices across 82000 restaurants to choose from.

To ensure you also create an app that can compete against the top-notch companies while providing efficient services, you should definitely study the mentioned apps.